Meeting Sundays at 10am
Rann Elementary School
1300 Deer Park Road
(940) 627-4222

Elaine Huff
Children's Pastor

Our Goals for Children and their Families

At Crossroads, we place a high value on our ministry to children. We are intentional in our efforts to educate and create a hunger in children for God. We have a team of children’s ministry leaders that are passionate about their calling. Our mission is two fold:

1. Share the love that we have inside of us for Christ, and ignite the same hunger that we have for Him in our children
2. Form partnerships that support and encourage the families among whom God has placed the ultimate responsibility of training, teaching, and disciplining their children.

We recognize that families have the primary responsibility of training and disciplining their children. We value families in their efforts by:
• Equipping and empowering families to share their faith with their children
• Offering support and encouragement
• Serving as an extended family

Together, our responsibility is to raise children that know and love God intimately.