What if every church in the world reached out and welcomed girls with crisis pregnancies into their church for support and love?

What if we thought differently about people, and look past people’s sins and looked at the actual person?

What if we made the church a safe place for girls to take refuge for their weary hearts and pointed them to the foot of the cross and helped inspire a passionate relationship with Christ?


We're so thankful for pro-life activists that have spent years raising awareness for life and doing what they can politically to make a change. We're also thankful for all the people that devote their lives to being on the front-lines, working at pregnancy resource centers such as Wise Choices and who have the opportunity to talk with a girl and speak life to her right in that moment when she decides, life or death. Both of these serve such a huge purpose and they are so needed.

That is what the Embrace Grace movement is about.

When a single, pregnant girl says, “OK, I’m going to parent this child,” then what? Where is the church? Where did all those supporters go that encouraged her to choose life? She has a long 9 months of being worried about her future, wondering how she is going to get the baby items that she needs, wondering how she is going to make it. These girls need someone that will encourage them and just say, “You can do it!” They need spiritual mothers and fathers to teach them and be there to lean on so they can parent spiritual and emotionally healthy children. They need friends to cheer them on as they journey through this bumpy season. They need the church to open their arms and be a safe place where they can run to, not away from. Do they go down the road that got them into this situation, or do they choose the road towards the arms of a loving heavenly Father?


This is where we step in. CrossRoads is extending an arm out to single, pregnant women. If you or someone you know would like to take part in this ministry, please contact Brandi Milburn via e-mail at brandi@crossroadspeople.com.