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Why is Life Ministries so Important? - Beth Helton

This Sunday we will start a brand new ministry at CrossRoads Church - Life Ministries. This ministry is near and dear to my heart and I would do almost anything to get every member of our CrossRoads family to participate one day. 

The reason this ministry is so special to me is because of how personally I have been impacted by it! I discovered Life Ministries when I was at the "top of my game" so to speak, serving as the Executive Pastor of a growing church in Orlando. Life was good! I was searching for a ministry to help everyone at our church who had some type of "issue." Little did I know I had issues too! LOL. (We all have issues because we all experience "life" and everything it throws at us.) I discovered I had some false beliefs and operated out of past experiences. Life Ministries literally gave me LIFE and joy back. Since that time, I have seen so many others experience the same.

We invest time and money in what we value. Let me ask, how much is your soul worth to you? Would you invest in yourself by going through Life Ministries? I hope to see you this Sunday morning at 9am!