Life Ministries

You know who needs Life Ministries? Everyone with a beating heart!
Beth Helton

What is Life Ministries

"Life" happens to all of us. We have both challenging times and great joys, but no one goes through life without some bumps and bruises. This ministry will help you navigate your life journey. We'll look at how the enemy of our soul attempts to steal our identity and God's plan of restoration.

Step One - Complete the two Life Courses, either online or in person. Links are below.

Step Two - Attend "Fully Alive" Conference.

Life Ministries Course 1

Course 1 of 2

Life Ministries Course 2

Course 2 of 2

Fully Alive

Fully Alive is a half-day event that is fast moving, but comprehensive in dealing with significant areas of our spiritual lives. This conference is held several times throughout the year. Register Below.

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