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The women of CrossRoads encourage each other to SHINE with the presence of God. His Spirit guides us in love and gentleness, action and courage, giving us everything we need to be the women He created us to be.

Women's Bible Study

Loving God is vertical love. Loving others is horizontal love. Jesus showed His disciples how these two loves are intertwined in practical ways. While our relationship with God is based on faith alone, He warns and encourages us to see that the way we treat people affects our experience of Him.

In this six-session study led by Pastor Tony Evans, we’ll learn how to apply biblical principles drawn from several one-another passages in Scripture. In doing so, we’ll reap blessings in our vertical relationship with God. Come join the Shine women as we grow together!

Registration deadline to have your book when the study begins, August 8th. Due to space limitations, the evening study has an attendance limit so register early! 

Shine Women' T Shirt

Shine Women's T Shirt

Want to own one of these very cute t-shirts? You can order one for only $20. Once we have 12 shirts ordered, we will have them printed. We will let you know as soon as they go to print!

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