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Recent Series

Under Pressure

James beckoned believers to allow the pressures of our lives to push us deeper into our journey with Jesus. Today, James invites believers to open their lives to the truth of God’s Word and learn how to respond positively when under pressure.

Under Pressure Pt1, Darren Embree, 8/29/21

Under Pressure Pt2, Darren Embree, 9/5/21

Under Pressure Pt3, Darren Embree, 9/12/21

Under Pressure Pt4, Luke Sanders, 9/19/21

Under Pressure Pt5, Darren Embree, 9/26/21

Vital Signs

An honest assessment of the Fruit of the Spirit evidenced within each of us.

Vital Signs, Jonathan Ross, 8/15/21

Vital Signs, Darren Embree, 8/22/21

Saved People Serve People

According to Romans 12, your body is the base of operations from which God moves among his people. You are importand to God and he his plan to change and transform the world includes you – if you will let him.

Saved People Serve People, Darren Embree, 8/1/21

Saved People Serve People pt2, Darren Embree, 8/8/21

Summer Series: Prayer

Unless we learn to develop a disciplined prayer life, we will never engage in a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. Throughout this series we’ll look at different types of prayers and how each one is helpful in our ongoing faith journey.

Prayer, Darren Embree, 6/6/21

Prayer, Prayer+Protection, Darren Embree, 6,13,21

Prayer, Prayer+Provision, Jonathan Ross, 6/27/21

Prayer, Prayer+Pardon, Luke Sanders, 7/4/21

Prayer, Prayer+Praise, Bruce Menefee/Barry Garrett, 7/11/21

Prayer, Prayer+People, Jonathan Ross, 7/18/21

Prayer, Prayer+Purpose, Cody Wadsworth, 7/25/21

Father's Day Truth Encounter

A special message in honor of Father’s Day.

Father’s Day, Truth Encounter, Darren Embree, 6/20/21

Leave A Light On

Your life is a beacon of hope. You are the light of the world. It’s more than a sentiment. It’s more than a motto. Come and hear how God wants to use you to bring blessing and hope to a broken and needy world.

Leave A Light On, Darren Embree, 5/30/21

Senior Sunday/Student Takeover Sunday

A service to appreciate and recognize our graduating seniors, and highlight the youth that are serving at CrossRoads Church!

Senior Sunday Service, Luke Sanders, 5/16/21


Greater Love

Jesus came to save us and build a bridge back home to God. His death and resurrection paid a debt we could never pay on our own. “Greater love has no one than this, than He lay down His life for His friends.”

Greater Love, An Extravagant Act, Darren Embree, 3/14/21

Greater Love, A Shocking Scene, Darren Embree, 3/21/21

Greater Love, Vigorous Vine, Darren Embree, 3/28/21

Communion and the Cross Service, 3/31/21

Easter, The Resurrection, Darren Embree, 4/4/21

So Loved

So Loved… Created in His image… we are the object of His affection. Nothing can separate us from is love and nothing can derail his plan to redeem us from sin.

So Loved, The Object of His Affection, Darren Embree, 2/28/21

So Loved, From Death to Life, Darren Embree, 3/7/21

Vision Update 2021

2021 Vision casting from Pastor Darren and our Elders.

Vision Update Sunday, Darren Embree, 2/7/21

A Roadmap For Life

Jesus gave his followers specific instructions on how to live life and how to participate in His Kingdom work while here on earth. How are you doing? Does you life reflect His life? This year, let’s make following HIM a priority.

Looking Ahead, Darren Embree, 12/27/20

Roadmap For Life, Darren Embree, 1/3/21

Roadmap For Life, When Adversity Strikes, Darren Embree, 1/10/21

Roadmap For Life, A Better Way?, Darren Embree, 1/17/21

Roadmap For Life, Distracted Driving, Darren Embree, 1/24/21

Roadmap For Life, True Joy, Darren Embree, 1/31/21

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