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Big Questions

Have you ever wondered? Have youy ever REALLY wondered about some of the things you hear in church? Join us as we jump in with both feet and provide answers to some of life’s most pressing questions. I know you’ll be encouraged by what you hear.

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 4/7/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 4/14/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 4/21/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 4/28/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 5/5/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 5/26/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 6/2/24

Big Questions, Darren Embree, 6/9/24


Our yearly service lead by our student ministry focusing on blessing the church the church with a picture of how God is working in the lives of students! We also take some time to recognize our graduates.

EMERGE Sunday, Youth Ministry, 5/19/24

Mother's Day

Special Mother’s Day service speaking blessing through God’s word for our congregation especially Mothers.

Mother’s Day, Bruce and Ruth Menifee, 5/12/24

The Way

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Like Jesus’ disciples, what does it look like to put down the things that are important to us and take up the things that are important to him? Let’s explore what a life fully surrendered to Christ looks like.

The Way, Darren Embree, 8/21/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 8/27/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/3/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/10/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/17/23

The Way, Jonathan Ross, 9/24/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 10/1/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 10/8/23

The Way Darren Embree, 10/15/23

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