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Thank-FULL In al seasons. in all conditions. Regardless of how much we possess – we are encouraged to give thanks. For God himself is the giver of all good things and we are the grateful recipients. “O give thanks to the Lord for he is good – His love endures forever!”

Thank-FULL, Jonathan Ross, 11/20/22

Thank-FULL, Darren Embree, 11/27/22


God’s provision for great decisions. Every day we are faced with decisions and every day we have the opportunity to choose wisely or not. God not only cares about your decisions, he promises to help you make those deisions. Decisions that will help you and others. Deisions that bring life. And, ultimately, decisions that honor Him.

Choices – The Moral Choice, Darren Embree, 10/9/22

Choices – The Unpopular Choice, Darren Embree, 10/16/22

Choices – The Pressure Choice, Darren Embree, 10/23/22

Choices – The Wise Choice, Todd Parks, 10/30/22

Choices – The Faith Choice, Darren Embree, 11/6/22

Choices – The Ability Choice, Darren Embree, 11/13/22


There is a natural response to an encounter with the Lord. Scripture calls it a manifestation. Not conjured up, manufactured, or self-generated. It just happens. ONE is a seven-week look at the natural outworking of the Holy Spirit’s work in us.

One – A NEW COMMAND, Darren Embree, 8/14/22

 One – Love In Action, Darren Embree, 8/21/22

One – Benchmarks of a Healthy Church, Darren Embree, 8/28/22

One – A New Priority, Darren Embree, 9/4/22

One – Sharing the Load, Jonathan Ross, 9/11/22

One – Outward Focused, Darren Embree, 9/18/22

One – Together We Serve, Darren Embree, 9/25/22

Summer Series 2022

Longer days and a break from school provides a wonderful opportiunity to travel and visit with friends and family. Over the next six weeks we’ll hear from a number of gifted speakers who will communicate the heart of God for our congregation. Each week, come expecting and come ready to worship and leave changed.

Summer Series : Free in the Storm, Darren Embree, 6/12/22

Summer Series : Guest Speaker, Scott McBride, 6/26/22

Summer Series : But If Not… , Luke Sanders, 7/3/22

Summer Series : Jonathan Ross, 7/10/22

Summer Series : Jonathan Ross, 7/17/22

Summer Series : Beth Helton, 7/24/22

Summer Series : Darren Embree, 7/31/22

Summer Series : Darren Embree, 8/7/22

Father's Day 2022

Join us for a special Father’s Day message from one of CrossRoads Church elders, Dan Mallory.

Father’s Day, Dan Mallory, 6/19/22

Never The Same: The Holy Spirit

Prior to His death on the cross, Jesus promised the coming of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, throughout history, fear and misunderstanding have led many Christians to ignore or resist Him. Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look and discover how our lives will never be the same once we meet and open our lives to the Holy Spirit.

Never The Same: Who is the Holy Spirit – Darren Embree, 4/24/22

Never The Same: What Does the Holy Spirit Do? – Darren Embree, 5/1/22

Never The Same: A Strategically Placed Gift – Darren Embree, 5/22/22

Never The Same: Dialed In To The Holy Spirit – Darren Embree, 5/29/22 

Never The Same : Empowered Living – Darren Embree, 6/5/22

Senior Sunday

A special service to recognize our graduating class of 2022 and a service lead by students.

Senior Sunday/Student Take Over Sunday, Luke Sanders, 5/15/22

Mother's Day

The Greek work for Salvation. “Sozo” is the Greek word for salvation, yet it’s root meaning goes beyond just the forgiveness of sins. who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy…” (Psalm 103:2-4) Born again? How proposterous a thought? How ridiculous a concept? Born again? The idea was such a departure from any other spiritual advice Nicodemus had ever received. Yet, he knew it was worthy of further examination. Jesus calls us to that same surrender… commitment… decision… action. Regardless how we feel about the concept – Christ calls each of us to repond.

Sozo, Born Again, Darren Embree, 3/13/22

Sozo, A New Creation, Darren Embree, 3/20/22

Sozo, Don’t Forget, Darren Embree, 3/27/22

Sozo, Spiritual Eyes. Darren Embree, 4/2/22

Sozo, A Tale of Two Kingdoms, Darren Embree, 4/10/22

Sozo, He is Risen, Darren Embree, 4/17/22


Taking a closer look at CrossRoads Church.

Focus, A Closer Look, Darren Embree/Jonathan Ross, 3/6/22

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