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The Way

What does it mean to follow Jesus? Like Jesus’ disciples, what does it look like to put down the things that are important to us and take up the things that are important to him? Let’s explore what a life fully surrendered to Christ looks like.

The Way, Darren Embree, 8/21/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 8/27/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/3/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/10/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 9/17/23

The Way, Jonathan Ross, 9/24/23

The Way, Darren Embree, 10/1/23

Easter at CrossRoads

Easter service at CrossRoads Church, He is RISEN INDEED!

Easter, Darren Embree, 4/9/23


Thank-FULL In al seasons. in all conditions. Regardless of how much we possess – we are encouraged to give thanks. For God himself is the giver of all good things and we are the grateful recipients. “O give thanks to the Lord for he is good – His love endures forever!”

Thank-FULL, Jonathan Ross, 11/20/22

Thank-FULL, Darren Embree, 11/27/22


God’s provision for great decisions. Every day we are faced with decisions and every day we have the opportunity to choose wisely or not. God not only cares about your decisions, he promises to help you make those deisions. Decisions that will help you and others. Deisions that bring life. And, ultimately, decisions that honor Him.

Choices – The Moral Choice, Darren Embree, 10/9/22

Choices – The Unpopular Choice, Darren Embree, 10/16/22

Choices – The Pressure Choice, Darren Embree, 10/23/22

Choices – The Wise Choice, Todd Parks, 10/30/22

Choices – The Faith Choice, Darren Embree, 11/6/22

Choices – The Ability Choice, Darren Embree, 11/13/22

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