CrossRoads LIFE

All who are living and breathing need to go through this ministry! We've each experienced "LIFE" with all its bumps and bruises. Throughout the CrossRoads LIFE Experience, we will learn about the healing God has in store for our lives.

The full CrossRoads LIFE Experience consists of LIFE Classes 1 & 2, and the Fully Alive Conference.

Class 1 & 2 are prerequisites for the half-day Fully Alive Conference. You may watch them online or signup for the in-person classes. Check out the rest of this page for more information about each class and the Fully Alive Conference. Click the button below to register for current CrossRoads LIFE Classes and events.

CrossRoads LIFE Course 1

In this course we will look at four areas the enemy uses to steal our identity and purpose in life.

CrossRoads LIFE Course 2

During this course we will discuss the process God uses to heal and restore our true identity in Him.

Fully Alive Conference

Fully Alive is a half-day event that is fast moving, but comprehensive in dealing with significant areas of our spiritual lives. This conference is held several times throughout the year. Register Below.